If you have any remarks on the WANG museum, found an error, or if you want more information about a manual or spare board, do not hesitate and get in contact, best by sending an email

But keep in mind, this museum is about the WANG desktop calculators and the 2200 line of products, so it is unlikely that I can help you if your question is about PC’s or VS products.


First of all I want to thank the Institute “De Schothorst” at Lelystad in The Netherlands for allowing me to take home the obsolete equipment.
Next thanks go to Bas Benschop, a former WANG field-engineer, who gave me a call when he wanted the room that all his WANG stuff occupied, instead of bringing it to the scrap-yard.
Rob Hulleman, also a  former WANG field-engineer, who helped me every now and than to keep the old machines going. Sadly he passsed away.
Mr Johan Portiek for donating a WANG CS model
My thanks also goes to Rick Bensene, who allowed me to use some of his beautiful site about old calculators and Ernest Schreurs who helped me to get a WANG classic going.
Paul Brust, Rien Bouw and Rosa who have helped in getting this site accomplished.
Also Francois Legiest for donating some manuals and Mr Horsman for giving me a ring about the Friden 130
Mr Palache donated a WANG C 50 and Mdm Föllmi an IBM selectric type writer.
Thank to Mr Ed Schijf for donating an 2200-E and an 2200 PCS-II to the museum.

Also Jimm Battle who donated a lot of useful stuff to the museum
Georg Schaefer from Germany gets of lot of credits for repairs.

And of course to all people I forgot to mention, and that must be quite a few.

Mr. Barret working on a WANG terminal

Recently we traveled to Dublin by invitation of the Barrett family. When Mr Barret passed away, they where looking for a good home for the WANG equipment he had been working with during his lifetime. The 2200 products  where of great help in getting things going again. 

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