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The WANG PC world

WANG felt that they could make a better PC than IBM and so they did. The WANG PC had its own operating system, not compatible with IBM or any other make, using MsDOS.

I believe that we bought our first WANG PC in 1984 to do word-processing. WANG was the leader in word- processing at that time. A daisy-wheel printer was connected for output and this all went very well. Not being compatible was a big disadvantage and after a couple of years WordPerfect was the thing to have, but not on this PC !

These PC’s are now called the WANG Classic’s

This is a PC 240 made by WANG, probably in their factory at Ireland. It  worked well for a long time..
If I am correct, this PC is equipped with an Intel 286 processor. We had several of these PC that worked succesfully. For some odd reason WANG had the 5.25 floppy of 1.2Mb as the standard while the 3.5 floppy was the thing to have.

If you look insight, you see that it is designed very well with a very pleasant keyboard and fully IBM compatible.

WANG never used that word, but said that it did comply with the industry standard.

It came with a lot of useful manuals.

This is also a WANG PC, with the new WANG logo attached.
But, this PC was manufactured in the Netherlands by the company called Tulip as a private label PC.

It is a 386 machine, and note that it has an 3.5 floppy drive

The WANG laptop

The WANG laptop, the WLTC ! This laptop was designed by Jonathan Huntington in 1985 and introduced that same year.
It came with everything and even more that a modern laptop has. A display, keyboard, hard disk, battery and even a printer.
But all made with the technology from the 80’s. It means a small screen, and a lot of weight.
An extra a floppy drive could be attached for backup etc.
Quite cleverly, it could all be stored into bags, with the bag for the floppy hinged to the bottom of the laptop bag.
The total weight on your shoulder is than just over 13 Kg ! (29 Pound)
There is an interview with Mr. Huntington that is very nice to read.

(Courtesy Frans van de Ven, Belgium and Alex Burgers)

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